Our People

Humpty Doo Barramundi provides employment opportunities to local people in our community.

Investing in the right people and building the capacity of our team is a major focus of the business.

To combat a local skills shortage Humpty Doo Barramundi has Employees harvesting fishworked with the Australian Government under the National Workforce Development Program to provide our employees with nationally accredited training. Our investment in the skills of our people is ongoing and delivers a skilled an productive workforce, focussed on meeting our customers needs.

Our People

Bob Richards — Owner / Managing Director
Bachelor Science - Major in Agricultural Science
Graduate Diploma in Business Management
2013 Northern Territory Primary Producers Award
2002 Churchill Fellowship Scholarship

Julii Tyson—Owner / Administration Manager
Bachelor of Arts— Major in psychology and geography
Graduate Diploma of Librarianship
Graduate Diploma of Management
Director at Large of Women's Industry Network Seafood

Dan Richards - Owner / General Manager
Bachelor Science - Major in Environmental Science - Biology and Ecology.
2012 Graduate National Seafood Industry Leadership Program 2011 NT Seafood Industry Young Achiever Award
2009 NT Seafood Promotion Award - Sydney Royal Show Medal

Peter Fisher - Farm Manager
Diploma of Aquaculture
25 years experience in farm management in the Northern Territory Horticulture & Aquaculture Industries .
30 years experience and expertise in native and feral wildlife management

Tracey Leo—Business Development Manager
Diploma of Applied Corporate Governance—AICD
Diploma of Aquaculture
Diploma of Leadership and Management—AIM
2013 AIM Professional Manager Award NT—Private Sector
2007 RIRDC Rural Women's Award Northern Territory