Sustainability at Humpty Doo Barramundi

Humpty Doo Barramundi is committed to our environment, and we are always striving to improve the sustainablity of our farm operations.

Sustainable Barramundi

Sustainable Barramundi Logo

Wouldn’t you like to know the barramundi you’re eating is Australian and sustainable?

Now consumers can look out for the Sustainable Barramundi Logo (right) when they are buying barramundi, and be confident that the farmer is striving for best practice within their industry.  

The Australian Barramundi Farmers' Association (ABFA) have developed the logo in line with their Sustainability Certification Program to ensure  our industry is operated responsibly and sustainably. The new sustainability program goes ‘beyond compliance’, addressing economic, social and environmental impacts of sustainability, including hygiene and quality aspects of production.

Humpty Doo Barramundi was audited under the program in late 2014, and are proud to be one of the first barramundi farms in Australia to be able to use the logo.

Click here to see the recipe cards and posters supporting this program, as displayed at quality fish retailers. Or visit


Sustainably-produced fish feed

There’s more to sustainable aquaculture than acting locally. At a global level, selecting the right float (pellets) to feed our fish means ensuring the feed producer we work with has similar commitments to the environment. We feed our barramundi a selected Marine Float diet produced by Ridley. Ridley has invested in Global Gap and FeedSafe accreditation for their Narangba mill. These standards demand an ethical, safe and sustainable supply of raw materials, stringent traceability measures and regular auditing by independent third parties. This provides full assurance that our feed is a safe and ethical choice. Contact Ridley for more information on the steps they take to produce safe and sustainable barramundi feed.